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Privacy Policy

  We know how important is for our customers and visitors safeguarding their privacy and keeping control of their personal information. That is just one of the reasons that lead us to stride in implementing the strictest privacy practices. Following are our privacy practices:

a) Personal Information: We do not collect personal any information stored on your computer either directly or indirectly.

b) Cookies: We do not exercise the use of cookies for any purpose, including retrieval or writing of information of any kind.

c) Contact Forms or Download Forms: For the exclusive purpose of conducting business we store information provided by our customers or visitors through our forms.

d) Policy of stored information: We do not in any way share information provided by our customers or visitors with any third party regardless if the third parties are affiliates, distributors or any other. All information provided to us can only be accessed by authorized personnel only.

e) Right to Unsubscribe: At any moment our customers and visitor have the right to unsubscribe from our database by letting us know on writing. Once such a notice has been received all information regarding the requesting customer or visitor will be destroyed and the person will not be contacted any more.

Updated 07-31-2010

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